"Did he ever return?
 No he never returned,
and his fate is still unlearn'd…"

- Charlie on the MTA

When the Irish came to America, it's no surprise that the Fair Folk traveled with them, claiming the land as their own and changing as they did so. Where there were once seasonal courts, passing along a crown of ages, now modern courts have risen from their passing. Where once the ancient fae had the Underhill, now they travel through the Underground, filling lost urban spaces with illusion and light. True, sometimes a lost human will step onto the T and never be seen again, but who notices a few missing people anyway?

Boston belongs to the Fae, just ask anyone, but they're far from the only supernaturals here: old scholars haunt university libraries, strange mystics wander the city's winding streets, and a bevy of vampires, werewolves, and things-that-go-bump-in-the-night do their best to navigate the Green Line. Most mundanes have never noticed the non-humans who live among them, but rumor has it that a few have started some sort of protective organization, and still more rumors indicate a subset of the maker crowd has stumbled on cybernetics far beyond what is commercially available. 

Under the Hill is a Chronicles of Darkness game that focuses on Changeling the Lost, but may include or touch on other types of weirdness.

Players begin as normal vanilla mortals living in the city of Boston. They have normal every day problems and live normal every day lives, completely unaware of the supernatural that lurks in the cracks. Over time they will have their eyes opened to the world around them, and may find themselves drawn into a world they didn't expect.

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