Alex Carter


Apparent Age: Early-Mid Twenties
Occupation: Comic Shop worker at Hub Comics, Aspiring Cosplay Model
Pronouns: Ze, zir, zirs, zirself

Alex is most frequently found at Hub Comics, where ze is frequently bebopping around to Kirby Krackle, I Fight Dragons, some other form of music that touches upon on nerdom. At work, Ze’s not usually in costume, as they haven’t cleared that level of intensity with the owners and they are rather fond of the job they have since it touches on the joy that has grown with them they’re entire life. Customer service skills are polite and on point ranging from assisting beginning comic readers to keeping up with veterans despite zir younger age. Their garb at the shop is typically comfortable jeans, converse, some sort of comic shirt and a flannel over it if the AC is on.

At Conventions or sometimes just at parties with a serious amount of people that are unknown to zir, Alex will dress up in various stages of cosplay. This can go from muted, day clothes common to a character, to full bore heroic costuming depending on the mood that strikes them. Regardless of how’re they’re dressed or made up, Alex is always pleasant to be around and deal with unless they’re portraying a villain for a scene but that’s usually fairly short term.

People should seek Alex out if;

  • They want to geek out about comic books or talk about crafty skills that involve fabric and other materials for protection or want to talk about ways to make Boston a better place.
  • You need an uplifting presence in your life who genuinely is interested in everyone’s wellbeing.
  • You just need someone to talk to.

Alex Carter

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