Bentley Skinner

Lovable Rogue


Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Occupation: Low-Level Criminal, Drug Dealer
Pronouns: He/him/his

Most everything about Bentley looks effortless, like he’s got a semi charmed life. His extroverted nature lends to making a friend of most anyone and his smile makes it easy to overlook the cheap brands he tends to wear. His light hair falls into place, seemingly without demand for attention and the satchel he often has with him rarely matches whatever he’s wearing, but who really cares? He’s fun to be around and manages to fit in everywhere because of it.


He was accepted to Harvard, but when he showed up he just never went to his classes. His father is a well known politician in the city, but no one can tell you if he’s on the city council or works in the Mayor’s office. His mom works on the police force, so he always gets a little heads up before anything goes down. Some even say he gets his supply from Elias, but he just laughs it all off and smiles.

Because none of it is true, but it’s all just plausible enough that it could be. It all helps to create a captivating air that snatches up the interest of those who hear about him, but by time they get to talking to him they’re having so much fun they forget to ask…What was your mom’s name, again?

It really doesn’t matter. None of it does. Just have a good time, right? Here, I’ve got something to help you have the best time.

Bentley Skinner

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