Kira Felicity Brennin

Stubborn Crow


“Some flowers only bloom at night.”


Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Occupation: Journalist/Blogger
Pronouns: She/her/hers

Kira affects a tanned complexion native to a sunnier climate, deep, dark eyes, and raven black hair. Her attire varies wildly, but she always seems to dress appropriately to the situation or crowd she’s with. Her voice is fairly rich and low for her age, with a huskier edge. Her body is toned down with thinner, lean muscle along the arms and shoulders, and she smells faintly of incense.

Visible Information

  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Black
  • Height: 5’10’’
  • Build: Hawkish
  • Distinguishing Features: Striking Looks (Modern Morrígan), Status (Media), Contacts (Media), Taste (Fashion), Presence 3.
  • Known Things:
    • Tiffany Rose is her senior or something (but she doesn’t go to university).
    • Frequent rail rider.
    • Sometimes followed by corvids. Also has a pet crow.



Kira is new in town, formerly bound for Harvard University in the autumn. She’d been undeclared, having had her eye on the English Department, but now apparently writes the occasional article for a local newspaper. Leisure activities gravitate her towards fencing, dance, and storytelling.

In the past she’s grown a following as a cosplayer of different myths, legends, and goddesses. Kira has varied the cultures and time periods she’s drawn her muses from over time, and is known for paying attention to keeping details authentic with realistic props and accessories to accent core themes. More recently, she’s retired those social media accounts in favor of a journalism blog. The content ranges from opinions on current events, local news, and fashion articles. A prominent component of her material touches on her membership to the Museum of Fine Arts’ Fashion Council and their trips or exclusives.


The Entire Song.

“You always played the martyr
I’ve been on the brink of death
You think it’s so peculiar
I felt regret
It’s a shame
I never fell again
It’s a shame
I never felt the same
I never fell again
I never felt the same
It’s a shame”

“Always the fool with the slowest heart
But I know you’ll take me with you
We’ll live in spaces between walls
Every city’s got a graveyard
The service bought and paid for
Now I’m sleeping in the backyard
Passing out as light turns into day
Haven’t I given enough, given enough?
Haven’t I given enough, given enough?”

  • Angles by Mick Jenkins ft. Noname

“(I am, um) I am absolutely, positively happy
Exponential, gratitude for rapping
Aptitude for passing dude’s exceptions
The vacancy will always be the laughing
Cause niggas love a bitch when she’s sarcastic
Rihanna is made of feather dust and matches
And everybody wants to touch the fire
A little bit of love never hurt nobody
Y’all up in the club while I’m sitting in the attic
Thinking bout the plastic, a trip to Malibu
Spend a couple racks on racks say hallelu-
In the waiting room trying to get to you
And who could be the breadwinner? Me "

“So get yourself fixed up
I’ll take you out around town
I swear you’ll never witness anything quite as fine
Thank god, the gold is mine
Not bronze nor silver I’m forever winning
Not the given but my own definition”


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Kira Felicity Brennin

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