Nickolas Andover

Wrong place, wrong time


The Backstory of Nick Andover

Date of birth: 5/18/1985
Place of birth: Mass General hospital Boston MA
Mother: Claire Andover (passed away )
Father: Ken Andover
Siblings: None
Profession: Banker
Address: 52 Revere St # A, Boston, MA 02114

-Philps Academy (Andover) 2000-2002
-Philps Academy (Exeter) 2002-2004
-Darthmouth College (Tuck school of business) 2005-2007
-McGill University 2007-2008
-Darthmouth College (Tuck school of business) 2008-2009


“Boston is new ideas spattered across old traditions. A flat screen TV in a 300 year old house. Boston is a blue print, and I know what to make of it.”

Nickolas Andover

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