Rory Gavagan

Cynical Watchdog


Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Occupation: Bodyguard
Pronouns: He/him/his

Brimming with a seething, restless energy, Rory seems to fill more space than his short, compact build would suggest. Eyes that appear to always be simmering are constantly mindful and on alert, yet staring with an uncomfortable intensity at times.

Off the job, he tends towards simple clothing; jeans, steel toed boots, and a plain tee shirt. Working, he has a bit more flair. Well tailored suit, designer shirt, slick dress watch, the whole nine yards. One could even be forgiven for not realizing the tie is just a very convincing clip-on.


Rory Gavagan is Dorchester born and raised, and in one of the rougher areas at that. Always on the smaller side, and from a poor family nothing ever really came easy to Rory.

He learned a few simple lessons growing up. Nobody likes a snitch. Don’t take shit off of anyone. The police are not your friends. Anything worth having will cost blood, sweat, or tears. Fuck the Yankees.

He doesn’t seem to have a normal nine to five job, but whatever he does, it earns enough that he’s not asking for hand outs, and it keeps odd hours. He’s typically close mouthed about more than the basics, however.

Rory Gavagan

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