Silenus Lyman

Brew Baron


Apparent Age: Early Thirties
Occupation: Owner of ΚΑΛΛΙΣΤΗΙ Brews
Pronouns: He/him/his
Visible Traits: None :)

The first glance at the Mediterranean man is a nice enough experience. Curly hair that falls much too long for anything besides a Rapunzel joke, thick arms with awkward veins, scars, and vivid green eyes make the first impression. He seems now to be almost always in clothing that doesn’t seem exactly fitted for him, but he’s constantly touching them. It comes mostly in hot professor, jock, or punk styles. Rarely is he seen without also a messenger bag. He’s also just slightly taller than the national average, but still fits that muscle-y bara type.


The man before you has almost been in the US enough to fit in outside of his appearances. There’s a long, blank look still at many facets of culture that must be alien to him, like holidays or even some traditional greetings (he does still kiss every set of knuckles instead of giving a hand shake when offered a hand, for example). He does seem to have mastered the Boston Brahman accent though when speaking English, though he frequently switches back to Greek.

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Silenus Lyman

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