Silenus Hassan

Brew Baron


Apparent Age: Early Thirties
Occupation: Owner of ΚΑΛΛΙΣΤΗΙ Brews
Pronouns: He/him/his
Visible Traits: Giant

The first glance at the Mediterranean man is a nice enough experience. Curly hair that falls much too long for anything besides a Rapunzel joke, thick arms with awkward veins, scars, and vivid green and blue heterochromatic eyes make the first impression. The loose almost-pirate style clothing hands loosely off him, but has the feeling of just being cloth barely shaped before being wrapped around the long-legged man that towers at 6’6".

The other thing of note is that Sil is a contradiction. He’s skittish, but likes being around people. He seems to want to keep it light, never scratching beyond the surface with most. Still a heck of a drinking buddy.


The man’s a new arrival on the scene. His words are heavily impacted by a Greek accent that mark him as a foreigner, and curiosity with even the most basic facets of life and culture here confirm he’s that fresh-faced immigrant just looking for the new life.

Silenus Hassan

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