Sullivan Jones

Shell-Shocked Medic


Apparent Age: Thirties
Occupation: Graveyard Shift RN

Sully seems to exist in a state of constant alertness – but while he’s burning the candle from both ends he hasn’t burnt out yet. You’re unlikely to catch him in scrubs unless he’s actually on duty but there’s usually a shirt or a hat with the MGH logo on it somewhere. When he doesn’t have anything to do he tends to fidget with things, either a challenge coin he carries or the Saint Christopher medallion he has around his neck.

It’s hard to miss the tension that he’s always carrying with him. The man is constantly eyeing the exits and the people around him. But he’s generally pleasant enough to be around even if his sense of humor can be a little dour.


Sullivan’s a veteran, although he’s reluctant to talk too much about his time in the service. But he will say that he was in the Army Medical Core as a field medic. Judging by his occasional mention of a sponsor of some sort he may not have quite transitioned to civilian life comfortably. But he’s professional when on duty and in his more quiet moments he’ll admit that the clarity of a packed ER is the closest he’s found to the battlefield.

In even more quiet moments he’ll claim to still be receiving phone calls from dead members of his platoon.

He’s recently begun working at MGH after some time in an unspecified location and is taking his job seriously even as weirdness has begun to creep in to his life. While quick to dismiss some of the more out there stories he’s heard the man has seen some shit and will admit that there’s something off about Boston.

The most recent addition to his life is a pet turtle named Mock, which he bought from Melody.

Sullivan Jones

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