Jasper Wickman

encyclopedia brownie on drugs


Apparent Age: 17-19
Occupation: Girl Detective
Pronouns: She/Her

You probably remember her as even more average than she really is, since not much sticks out. Hair-colored (brown) hair, skinny without being sleek, features quickly forgotten; her eyes are memorable not because of how they look but because she’s stubborn as fuck.

Her outfits don’t stick out too much from the rest of campus, running a little to the casual and worn-in – lots of jeans, lots of decently-but-not-wonderfully fit flannels and dull-colored tees. Her shoes run to the practical and she usually has her hair up.


She’s a Harvard freshman, undeclared major. She’s in an Enlightenment History class with Anderson, and some clubs probably. She shows up at parties with a lot of drinking and drugs without being especially tight with anyone there, and seems to be able to afford her bad habits; that might have something to do with her gig working as an executive assistant to a private investigator who springs from an old gumshoe mold.

During high school in semi-rural Massachusetts she was tangentially involved in a high-profile murder case of a photogenic high school girl, her close friend, and in the unraveling of a coverup a year later that saw the case reopened as an unsolved disappearance.

She was a military brat before all that, dragged around by the Marine Corps, and saw the inside of schools everywhere from Cali to Korea to Hawaii.

Jasper Wickman

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