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Entering Boston

Welcome to Boston! A city of survivors founded by puritans trying to run from oppressors. A bastion of defiance while still maintaining rigid hierarchy. Boston has been through war, fire, famine, and flood and still its old brick buildings remain standing. A city divided by young and old. Sensible and fantastic. Bright and dark. A city of lost seeking to find a connection.


The themes of the game revolve around a sense of isolation and perseverance. A sense of loneliness and hope. A sense of metamorphosis and change. You won't come out the same way you went in. Things won't be the same as you left them. But there is always the underlying sense of fight. You will get knocked down. It's up to you to stand back up.

Character Creation

A more in-depth look can be found here, but in general, once you have read over the wiki, you request a character sheet.  It is generic Chronicles of Darkness mortal character generation, plus any beats you have gathered from past characters. We ask that you consider points within the confines of your backstory. A four in a skill is amongst the best in the world. You may be asked to change things on your sheet if it is overly specialized. 


While Under the Hill is (and always will be) free to play, we do have a Patreon set up for anyone that wants to contribute here!

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