Adonis Labelle

Modern Muse


Apparent Age: Twenties
Occupation: Fashion Designer, Model, High Society Icon
Pronouns: They/Them

Doni, as their friends call them, is an androgynous beauty, who’s styling leans more towards the feminine more often than not. They’re lean, with dark skin that’s speckled with freckles and angelically curled black hair. They are always dressed to impress, usually in fairly revealing clothing that shows off their wealth and fashion sense.


Adonis Labelle is well known among any that keep up with fashion or pop culture. They’ve been a successful model and fashion designer for a few years now, jet setting all over the world to go to any fashion show and party they can. But they make their home in Boston, frequently returning to enjoy what nightlife and culture they can find. Their clothing designs tend to focus on gender fluidity, as well as a lot of Grecian inspiration.

They are very open about being intersex, despite some backlash that came from coming out about it several months ago—and identify as genderfluid.

Adonis Labelle

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