Amber Allen

Restless Graduate




With her quick wit, temper and reflexes, Amber Allen might be the most ambitious person you’ll ever meet—if only she had an ambition to call her own.

Amber’s longtime dream of having a quality education has now come to pass, leaving her unsure of what to do next. She’s just graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a BA in Philosophy and the bitter realization that even the best of her job prospects are lacking in financial and spiritual worth to her.

Anxious for a change of pace, Amber has since relocated to the heart of Boston’s Chinatown to live with her older sister Kimberly and “figure some things out," though the recent move seems to have sprinkled some salt on Amber’s existential wound.

Kimberly Allen became an overnight success three years ago when a viral meme of her at the 2015 Boston Marathon led to an upswing of endorsements that have since supported her dream career as a star marathoner and athleisure Instagram model. Envy aside, Amber’s daily exposure to her sister’s success has made her feel even more restless and eager for her own lucky break.

Amber is still looking for a path in life to sprint towards. Until then, her part-time bartending job at Royale seems to be paying the bills.

Age: 21
Occupation: Bartender at Royale
Pronouns: She/Her

Lives in: Chinatown, Boston, MA
From: Memphis, TN

Notable Traits: 
Athletics ●●●
Damn Lucky ●●

Known Things: 
● New in town
● Jogs around Boston Common with Kimberly every morning
● Conspiracy theorist
● Slight Southern drawl
● Active on social media

It’s a fair assumption that Amber’s namesake comes from the warm tones of her kinky copper hair. The shade contrasts well with the muted colors of her vintage-look Americana wardrobe, which drapes comfortably over her sporty frame. She’s not known to accessorize, though the jangling keychain on her belt loop always adds a pragmatic shine to her style. A full smile from her crinkles the band of freckles spread across her nose and cheeks.

Your friends left; it’s last call
I lit your cigarette and I saw the future in the flames
The future in the flames
It’s something we can’t control, running like a wildfire
Something irrational, running like a wildfire
Don’t think it’s natural, running like a wildfire
And we’re starting the wildfire

—Wildfires by The Limousines

How could it be?
20 something, all alone still
Not a thing in my name
Ain’t got nothin’, runnin’ from love
Only know fear
That’s me, Ms. 20 Something
Ain’t got nothin’, runnin’ from love

—20 Something by SZA

Amber Allen

Under the Hill Rel