Kimberly Allen

Marathon Madonna




A lifelong sprinter and native of Memphis, Tennessee, Kimberly moved to Boston in 2013 to participate in the charity and non-profit efforts of the local running community in response to the infamous marathon bombing that same year.

She became an overnight success two years later when a viral meme of her at the 2015 Boston Marathon led to an upswing of endorsements that have since supported her dream career as a star marathoner and athleisure Instagram model. @KimbyAllen

Her success is well deserved as her passion and skill for marathon running are truly impressive feats. She placed 20th in the 2017 Boston Marathon with a time of 2:40:02 and is looking to break this personal best at the next marathon in April 2018.

Kimberly can be seen jogging along the paths of Boston Common every morning and evening, rain or shine, often taking time to chat with other parkgoers who recognize her from the Web. Though she usually runs solo, she’s recently taken up new running partner—her little sister, Amber, a recent college graduate who’s just moved into Kimberly’s Chinatown apartment.

(Fame 2) Kimberly’s five seconds of fame as the Ridiculously Photogenic Girl—AKA the Marathon Madonna—has made her easily recognizable in public. Those who keep track of her social media posts are also aware that she’s considering starting her own athletic clothing line.

Age: 25
Occupation: Marathoner & Instagram Icon
Pronouns: She/Her

Lives in: Chinatown, Boston, MA
From: Memphis, TN

Notable Traits: 
Athletics ●●●●
Presence ●●●
Fame ●●

Known Things: 
● Accomplished athlete, placing 20th in the 2017 Boston Marathon
● Jogs around Boston Common with Amber every morning
● Never skips leg day
● Slight Southern drawl
● Hella strong Instagame

Kimberly’s bouncy hair, pouty lips and doll-like face have literally made her an icon. The distinct floral tattoos on her upper arm especially give her away as they’re rarely covered by her flashy sets of neon activewear. Her build is tall, trim, and clearly athletic, though her hands always seem to be occupied with her phone.

Kimberly Allen

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