Teddy Jones

Parkour Master!


Apparent Age: Late teens
Occupation: ??? Vagrant? Hoodlum? Parkour Master?
Pronouns: He/Him/His

Teddy looks like a pretty stereotypical troublemaker. White. Skinny. In his teens. He wears a Red Sox baseball cap backwards over his shaggy brown hair, along with snarky geeky t-shirts and baggy pants. His eyes seem to shift hue depending on his mood, but defaults to a strange sort of gray. There’s something earnest and awkward about his demeanor, but he’s almost always smiling.

Teddy stops looking stereotypical when he Runs. Vaulting railings, back flipping over ridges, running up and over walls. He’s incredibly athletic and almost freakishly graceful. He seems to have no fear.


Teddy is a known fixture in Harvard Yard. He’s the bane of campus security and local Cambridge police, constantly doing free runs all along the campus. But there’s a sense of glee and whimsy to it at as well. Many students like to record his exploits, and others still think him an urban myth.

Very few people have ever actually talked to him. Instead they just see him flinging himself from rooftop to rooftop, and back flipping off of windows.

There are a few rumors that surround him, especially among Harvard students. They say if you can actually stop and get a lesson with him, he’ll teach you to free run like him. They also say that the reason he never stops, the reason he’s only ever seen running, is that he’s always on the run from something.

Teddy Jones

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