Tiffany Rose

Young Upstart


Apparent Age: Late Teens, Early Twenties
Occupation: Student
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Tiffany manages to embody uptight prep and mischief maker all in one fell swoop. She has pixie cut with dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and frequently with a flower tucked behind one ear. She dresses in well fitting blouses and incredibly tight jeans, except when clubbing, where she changes into skimpy dresses and very high heels. Her default facial expression is smug.

Tiffany is Queen Bee. Ask anyone. And she knows it too. Self assured, confident, and completely unapologetic, her sheer force of personality has attracted a cult of personality more commonly known as a “Sorority”. Combine that with a wicked sense of humor, and people frequently can’t tell if she’s laughing at them or with them.


Tiffany is in her third year at Harvard. She’s the president of several clubs, including Fencing. She’s also a straight A student and on Student Government and volunteers on weekends and all of those other things that make someone an overachiever. She manages to do all of this while also maintaining a social life and a sphere of popularity.

Maybe she just doesn’t sleep.

Tiffany Rose

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