Asteria Quotes

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"The funny thing about guiding stars, they don't have to see you for you to follow their light." – Frost

"Children learn from those around them. When the adults in their lives are sad, crass, and unhappy humans, they will grow up to be those things. And, when they are poised, generous, and kind that is what they will grow to be. It's reassuring to see children with good role models. Those kids have a bright future, which makes all our futures a bit brighter as well." - Sky

"The First to see my light and make a comment of it, the first to say that they Loved me and meant it with such depth that I found myself balking and tripping over my words like a child.   Asteria is the Inspiration I need to inspire others, I cannot find myself lying to her.  I cannot hide who I am around her… and yet, I seem to still be the better man I wish to be when she is in my presence.  I don't understand how, but I appreciate it more than words can say." – Erik

"Asteria always has my back, no matter how utterly stupid my plan is. Of course, I do the same. We were fated to walk along each other's paths, but who can say how long?" – Silenus

"Yeah, her and Echo saved me. So what? We're over that, dude. It doesn't really matter how we came together, okay? All that matters is that this family is going to stick together. No matter what." – Arthur

"I thought that I had nothing left, that every spark of humanity and life had been bled out of me, up there in that empty sky. She rekindled that spark. She gave me life again. No, so much more than that. One can have life without living it. She gave me faith again…" – Echo Crescent

Asteria Quotes

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